The most sexiest outfit

People out there always think “saree! No”,but I guess saree is the most sexiest outfit That can ever be for me. Saree is the biggest turn on for men if you wear it property. Saree makes every girl look awesome and brings an extra glamour and beauty. If you wear any other clothes continously, trust me, it becomes monotonous. But wear a saree for 365 days, it will never make you and other feel you boring. This is the only outfit you can experiment with. Saree goes with all cultures, all occasions, all ages, all complexions and yeah lastly, all figures. We think saree is for our mom’s and grandson’s, but wear a saree once, it really makes you feel good from inside. But somehow in today’s world sarees are getting dominated by other outfits and thus its our responsibility to save it from getting vanished from this world. Wear Saree as much as you can, experiment with it and love it. 

Black addiction 

We know there are hell lot of superstitions for this color but out of the crowd maybe this is the favourite color for most of the girls 👭. Black color gives me strength and makes me feel positive about myself from inside. Whenever I wear black there is a certain feeling that I am looking perfect 👌 now rather than wearing some other color. Black not only makes women look elegant and sexy at the same time but also does 50% of figure correction. Whether you are thin or chubby, fair or dark black is the only color that suits in all figure, all complexion and most importantly all occasions. 

So try out a black outfit today and send me a feedback at the comments section. I am sure if you are trying it for the first time, then you are tying it forever. 

That flower crown

Floral tiara’s are too popular these days and maybe the only thing for which I click pictures on Snapchat.

The flower crown have a special effect which adds a perfect filter for you to click a perfect selfie. When I first came to know about this I really found it too interesting and to be honest I still find it interesting. That special lens that gets added really makes yours eyes look attractive. Within few days I am looking forward to publish my new shoot on real floral tiara’s and hope you all will like it. Till then use more Snapchat and more floral filters.

AND it is..

When I look for elegance,Anita Dongre’s AND is the first thing that comes in my mind. When I go for buying something elegant and I visit AND, I feel like the brand is made just for me. The dresses,skirts,tops,maxi dresses, seriously they provide you with an extra elegance in yourself when you wear. I recently visited the store near my house and honestly all I was confused which one to buy.

At some point of time elegance is really required. We know guys are always behind revealing clothes but trust me,men always love elegance. Elegance have a spark which can make you different in the crowd and yet they are fashionable. So I will love to tell every girls and women out here that at least once you should try an AND outfit and I am sure you will fall in love with it. The following link of AND is given below. Do check it out. And the good news is they ship all over India.

My love for slit skirts!

Wearing a skirt and playing with it I guess all girls have done it.But in today’s generation few people now think that skirts are old fashioned.But today I will tell you all about the slit skirts which can beat any outfits of your wardrobe.Slit skirts have slit cuts which may be on different shapes and sizes.The one which I am wearing is from missa more clothing and trust me,this is the sexiest outfits I ever came across.

This slit skirt has a special thing and that is it will make you look elegant and sexy at the same time because of the cutting.But I should tell girls one thing that take care of your legs and get well waxed before wearing it else it may turn into worse.We all know that we flaunt people the best so when you are flaunting your legs,it should be perfect.

So girls don’t wait for anything and get a slit skirt now and make your own fashion statement.

You can get the best in the following links given-


Florals have always been a weak point of my styling.When I see the floral print dresses I just cannot resist myself.So I thought of writing my first blog on floral prints.

Florals mean colourful and bright and life of each person is colourful however it may be not can be made colourful by doing the right works and right actions as I believe you each and every action of your present reflects on your past as well as brighten up your life and also help people to brighten up their life to have a colourful world.Floral prints are quite eye-sudeen and vibrant,so I will suggest you all to have some florals in your summer 2017 in your wardrobe.These prints are something you can wear anywhere, whether it’s a beach or a normal gathering.They always make you look and feel attractive.This makes you quite different from the setero-type style easily.You can even make it a bit Bohemian by wearing some junk jewelleries.I myself got few this year from Lulus-


And zara-

You can also check myntra and jabong at more reasonable price.

So what are you waiting for!grab a floral prints dress now and make you and your life colourful and vibrant.